A hyphema is a pooling or collection of blood inside the anterior chamber of the eye. The blood may cover most or all of the iris and the pupil, blocking vision partially or completely. A hyphema is usually painful. If left untreated, it can cause permanent vision problems.A hyphema is usually caused by trauma to the eye and is accompanied by an increase in intraocular pressure.



"This is my first cabbage! You know, a lot of times they’re kind of soft, but this one is sold! It’s going to be good eatin’!" "What are you going to make with it?""Well, this one I’m giving to my parents. You have to give the first one away or you just spoil the whole spirit of gardening."

This is the most victorious photo of cabbage ever captured.

YESSSSSSSS MA’AMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M TRYNA GET LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Outdoor mornings.

Thierry Mugler s/s 1996